Do you struggle to efficiently reach your potential customers through online marketing?

Do you often need influencers to break through the noise, or spend an ever-increasing budget on social media ads just to stay visible?

pengonet offers a unique digital marketing channel to reach your potential target audience at a low cost!

How does pengonet work?

  • Upload your brand content for retailers
  • Let your retailers localize, personalise and re-post them
  • Share and multiply your content with maximum efficiency at low cost (snowball effect)
  • Get a standardised, traceable process, analytics and feedback
  • Compete with influencers and digital ads

Helping your brand in every possible way!

The cloud platform delivers your posts conveniently to the social channels of multiple retailers.

You will get invaluable feedback from pengonet analytics on the success of your promotions globally.

Creative content from retailers can also be shared back to your marketing community for financial reward.